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There are many freelance writer websites out there that will give freelance writers the opportunity to earn a solid income. I have not experimented with to many yet but plan on doing so in the future. The one that I have registered with and began writing for though is Textbroker.com. Although I have not committed myself to writing for them full time because there are only so many hours in a day, I have been pretty streaky with them when I start writing for them and have made as much as $50 in a day. Someone who could commit themselves to do enough writing per day could easily make a near full time income with Textbroker.

If you are a freelance writer or an aspiring freelance writer you will definitely want to give Textbroker a try. You don't have to be a professional writer to write articles for Textbroker, though the better of a writer you are, the more you will get paid for the articles you complete. If you are a completely new writer and worry that Textbroker will not hire you then think again. Textbroker is absolutely newbie friendly and will give anyone a chance to write articles for them as long as your writing is clear and can be understood.

The way Textbroker works is a little different than most other sites out there that hire freelance writers. The articles that are written for Textbroker are not for Textbroker to personally use. Instead, Textbroker clients pay Textbroker to hire the writers who will do their writing assignments for them. These clients will give instructions for the writers to follow when writing their articles. Some may be real simple and not have many instructions at all and others may require that you use certain keywords a certain number of times in their articles. The Textbroker platform is categorized into many different subjects and you can choose amongst all categories. Some of the categories are sports, business, education, history, fashion, internet, health, hobbies, technology, traveling, finances, automobile, marketing, literature, and so many more.

How much does Textbroker Pay?

One of the great things about Textbroker is that you can increase your earnings for the articles you write as you flourish and become a better writer. As you write articles you will be rated by the customer sometimes and by the Textbroker staff also. When the textbroker staff rates your articles they will rate each article you write from a 2 star article to a 5 star article. Textbroker averages out your past 5 articles to figure out what your star rating is. If you average a 4 star rating, you will be able to write articles for clients who are requesting articles to be written by 4 star writers or higher. The writers who average a 3 star will not have access to these higher paying articles but will always have a chance to improve their writing skills and move on up to a higher rating star.

O.K., so how much will you make writing for Textbroker? Let's give an example here and pretend that a customer wants a 500 word article.

2 star writers will earn $3.50 for completing this article
3 star writers will earn $5.00 for completing this article
4 star writers will earn $7.00 for completing this article
5 star writers will earn $25.00 for completing this

Of course you must remember that a 500 word article that is set to be written by a 4 star writer or higher can not be writeen by 2 star or 3 star writers. As you can see, the better of a writer you become, the more your earnings will be! With Textbroker you are payed for each word that you write. The pay is broken down as follows.

2 star writers earn 0.7 Cents per word and are viewed as legible writers
3 star writers earn 1.0 Cents per word and are viewed as good quality writers
4 star writers earn 1.4 Cents per word and are viewed as excellent quality writers
5 star writers earn 5.0 Cents per word and are viewed as professional quality writers

About Direct Orders

Direct orders is a special feauture that Textbroker has that allows clients to personally make personal deals with freelance writers that they like. For example, let's say that you write an article or two for a certain client and they like your style of writing. They can send you direct orders and negotiate the pay for your articles with you. Your direct orders rate is set to $0.015 per word by default but you can change this to whatever you and the client agree to. Direct orders can be a great opportunity to build solid relationships with clients and earn more money for your work. More on direct orders can be learned once registering as a writer for Textbroker.

Registering with Textbroker

When you are ready to register with Textbroker, you will go through an easy sign up process. Textbroker will also evaluate your writing skills and ask you to provide them with a small sample writing which will affect the star rating that they will start you at. The topic that you will have to write about will be of Textbrokers choosing. Don't feel too pressured about this sample writing, it is just to show Textbroker that you have the ability to write an easy to understand and informative article. If you are rated as a 2 star writer to begin with, don't worry about it, you can easily always move on up. I personally started as a 3 star writer and have been stuck there ever since. Even though I have had some 4 star rated articles, I have never had enough close enough to average a 4 star.

After your sample article is rated, you will now have access to the Textbroker assignments. As mentioned before, there are four different ratings from 2 star to 5 star. If you are a 2 star writer to start with, you will have access to accept article assignments from the 2 star section only. If you are a 3 star writer like me, you will have access to complete articles in the 2 star and 3 star sections. 4 star writers will have access to all sections except for the 5 star section. 5 star writers will have access to all article assignments available.

Getting paid by Textbroker

To get paid by Textbroker you must have a PayPal account. One of the great things about Textbroker is that you can request payment anytime you have $10 credited to your account. Textbroker pays twice per month. Request that are made for payment by the 5th of each month will be processed by the 10th of the month and request that are made by the 20th of each month will be processed by the 25th of the month.

Overall view of Textbroker

Texbroker is a great freelance writer website that one can use to earn a full time income if they dedicate themselves to it or to simply subsidize to their current income. Writing part time for Texbroker as I do, one can easily earn $400 to $600 per month. Textbroker is a very trust worthy company that you will not ever have to worry about getting paid for your work, they are very reliable.

To register and learn more about Textbroker visit textbroker.com.

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James Priest said...

Great review of Textbroker.I've been writing there on a 3-star level for about a month and was curious as to what a 4-star and five-star writer were making. You answered that. I thought I was going to be done but started reading your intro and ended up finishing the read. I usually dont get all the way through articles, as I skim them mostly for facts. Keep up the grreat writing!